Why Me?

Rome is a two time gold medalist winning the 2011 Australian and Pan-Pacific Powerlifting Championships.

Born in New Zealand, Rome currently lives in Port Macquarie with his family. Originally from a struggling family and involved in crime (spending time in and out of jail cells), Rome now travels all over Australia and New Zealand sharing his amazing life changing story to motivate others. He has a passion for history, health and fitness, and his family.

Session 1: My Story Part 1.

Note: We apologise for technical difficulties that prevented us from videoing Session 1.

Session 2: The Human Quest for Meaning.

Session 3: The Bible: Can We Trust It?

Session 4: The Final Kingdom.

Session 5: Why the Cross?

Session 6: Jesus - Made Man or Man Made?

Session 7: The Unknown War

Session 8: Planet Earth's Final Hope

Session 9: Planet Earth's Final Hope

Session 10: The Foundation of God's Throne

Session 11: What's the Big Deal? From Sabbath to Sunday

Session 12: God's Plan Revealed

Session 13: A Second Chance In Life

Session 14: Temples or Tombs? The Biblical View of Health

Session 15: What's Beyond the Grave?

Session 16: The Final Messages

Session 17: What's Next?

Session 18: My Story - Part 2